Legacy Projects

Here you’ll find my legacy projects, such as those I did for Garry’s Mod, but not longer maintain.

Entity Command Suite

Entity Command Suite is a project for Garry’s Mod 9 ( discontinued ) and Garry’s Mod 10. It allows for the advanced manipulation of entities through chat commands. For more info, see the ECS Project Page.

Misc. Garrysmod

Resource Browser

An overview of what you see when you open the resource browser.

Resource Browser is a project for Garry’s Mod 10 that I created to allow me to browse through all files loaded in Garry’s Mod at runtime. It can browse through all the files, as well as open various extensions ( all text based files, materials, maps, sounds ). It also sports a bunch of other features:

  • Browses all files available at runtime
  • Supports opening of various filetypes:
    • Text Files ( txt, vdf, ini, res, cfg, lua, vmt )
    • Sounds ( wav, mp3 )
    • Materials ( vtf, vmt )
    • Maps ( bsp )
    • Web Pages ( htm, html, css )
    • Images ( gif, jpg, jpeg, png, bmp )
  • Find in Files
  • Advanced Text Viewer
    • Line Numbers
    • Word Wrap
  • Sound Player
    • Play Sounds
    • Change Pitch, Volume


Steam Flat – Default Derma Skin

View of the spawn menu with the skin applied

A skin that changes the look of all Derma to look similar to the Steam Flat – Default skin.



Picture f a rollermine

Unrelated to the lottery, the Powerball is a scripted entity that puts you in control of a slightly modified rollermine ( well maybe a lot modified ). The powerball is mostly just a mess-around fun entity for when you’re bored. You can zap things and create shockwaves. General all around fun for all ages.