Entity Command Suite


Entity Command Suite ( or ECS, for short ) is a mod for Garry’s Mod. The main purpose of the mod is to provide contraptioneers, and the people who build for fun, a way to work precisely with a command-interface. There are two sub-projects of ECS; the old ECS, for Garry’s Mod 9, and the new ECS EE1, ( or ECSx10^1, a reference to Garry’s Mod 10 ), for the new Garry’s Mod 10 and all subsequent versions. The current version for ECS is v5.2, and the current version of ECS EE1 is v2.1.

Current Download

ECS EE1 v2.1.1 for Garry’s Mod 10

ECS v5.2 for Garry’s Mod 9


  • Use a variety of commands to precisely build and manipulate
  • The original stacker – “stack” objects with ease
  • Translate and Rotate objects
  • Get information on any entity instantly, with the looking at box
  • Flexible core module system makes for easy expansion
  • Admin System, for safe building.


The history of Entity Command Suite extends well beyond the original release; the inspiration for the mod came from Half-Life 1’s EntMod. Many of the elements present in this mod are present in ECS; e_stack, for example, was originally an EntMod concept.

The very first version of Entity Command Suite was released in December 2005, after a few short days of development. Soon thereafter, many subsequent versions of Entity Command Suite were released. In June of 2006, after a long haitus, and many sessions of playtesting on Jesusaurus Rex’s server, version 5 was released; after this, only a few versions were released, up to the most recent, v5.2, as the testing server for Entity Command Suite was taken offline.

In November of 2006, Garry’s Mod 10 was released, and because all previous mods were incompatible, ECS was rewritten from scratch. Most of the elements from the old ECS can be seen in the new ECS, dubbed ECS EE1, where the EE1 basically means 10; think of the EE button on your calculator; it is short for *10^x, and since it’s EE1, it’s ECS*10^1, which is just ECS 10, for Garry’s Mod 10. The most recent release for ECS EE1 is version 2.1.1.